Kenya – Spring 2017

In the spring of 2017 while I was in Kenya, a local pastor rented a bar and invited prostitutes to come to a night meeting where cake would be served. He filled the bar with chairs and 53 women came. The pastor asked me to minister to the women. The Spirit of God took over and told them how much God loves them, and how He has wonderful plans for their lives. I explained that if they would ask God to forgive them and accept Jesus as their savior and Lord, then it would be as if a cloth would be dipped in the blood of Jesus and used to wipe every one of their sins away. God would no longer have any memory of what they had done. They would be given a brand new start in life. I asked them to raise their hand if they would like to give their life to Christ. Every woman that I could see raised her hand. I led them in a prayer of salvation which they each prayed after me.

That night the women did not want to go back to the streets where they had come from. They said that they now belonged to Jesus and would no longer be involved in prostitution. Most of them had no place to go, so the pastor opened his church for them to sleep in. He began programs to rehabilitate them physically and spiritually. Many of the women had Aids and God miraculously healed a number of them. God turned Aids positive tests into Aids negative tests without medical intervention. Over time most of them were baptized with the Holy Spirit and have become vital members of the church. The pastor has started building a facility for these women and others like them that have come to Jesus through their testimony. The building is going up as funds are available.

Apparently the Spirit of God had me shed some tears over them as I was sharing His love the night the women were saved, because one of  the women later commented, “If that lady could cry over me, surely I should be able to cry over myself.” God has a way of speaking to hearts, even when we are unaware of it.

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