Glory Stories DVD 1


Jesus Needs a Body explains how critical you are to God’s functioning on this earth today. You may never have thought of yourself that way, but it is the truth, and this Glory Story will help you realize your importance to the Lord. The essence of it is found in Colossians 1:27. “Christ in You, the hope of glory.” The ultimate purpose for your life is to let Jesus live His life through you. That will bring fulfillment and joy unspeakable. He is waiting on you to volunteer.


Katherine Kuhlman was a well known evangelist that God used in a spectacular way. Thousands of people would come to her meetings from all over the world seeking healing from God. There was a palpable presence of God in the meetings, with a holy hush remaining on the entire audience throughout the services. At some point the Holy Spirit would start healing people spontaneously without any specific prayer for them. Those with incurable diseases would suddenly be completely healed and come to the stage to testify. Her life is a sterling example of someone willing to be nothing so that Christ can be all.

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