Glory Stories DVD 2


Ruth Ward Heflin was born into a pastor’s family, and consecrated her life to Jesus at an early age. When she was 18 years old, she went alone by boat to Hong Kong to begin her life as a missionary. During her life she visited literally every country of the world that would permit her to enter. She would pray and prophesy for cities and countries, and the Holy Spirit would change the atmosphere of that place. God would send her to the other side of the world just to pray for one missionary to be healed so he could continue work God had put in his hands. The Holy Spirit led her by dreams, visions, and prophetic words. She would travel with no credit cards and often no money, being assured that God would provide her every need as she followed His leading. You will be inspired to higher heights in God as you learn about Ruth.


Azusa Street was started by a small group of people in California that were seeking God with their whole hearts, and it grew to one of the most amazing revivals the world has ever known. As individuals from this small group would pray for a person in need, God would respond making blind eyes see, and crippled legs walk. Someone with surgically removed ear drums had new ear drums created by God instantly. Amputated limbs would grow out in front of their eyes. You faith will grow as you hear about those works of our God. And the good thing about it is that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever…He is still a miracle worker in our midst in this hour.

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