Glory Stories DVD 3


Smith Wigglesworth was taken out of school as a young boy and put to work, consequently he was illiterate. As an adult he became a plumber and married a woman who taught him how to read and write. The only book he ever read was the Bible which he kept with him at all times. Despite his stormy beginning, he blossomed into a man of profound faith. He would speak to devils and they would flee. He commanded a paralyzed man to stand up and walk in the name of Jesus, and he jumped up dancing around the room. His life is packed full of interesting and unusual stories which will elevate your faith as you hear them on this Glory Story.


Kenneth E. Hagin was born prematurely, and actually thought to be dead at birth. He did survive, but had several several physical infirmities. At the age of 17 he was told that he would die at any moment. This Glory Story will tell you how Kenneth, alone as a teenager, took the word of God and believed it for himself, which brought about total health to his body. You can do exactly the same thing he did and be healed. Jesus came to him on several occasions throughout his life. One of those visits Jesus told him how  to change his financial situation from poverty to a life of prosperity. What Jesus taught him  is related on this DVD, and it will work to change your finances too.

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