Kenya Miracle Healings February 2023

Greetings from Kisumu, Kenya in Jesus mighty name. I’m exceedingly delighted yet humbled to report the testimonies that have come from different people that attended the recently held “The Dawn of Glory Conference “in Kisumu, Kenya. It’s evident that the Lord used His servants Dr Vaughan and the team for His glory and for the furtherance of the Kingdom. May God continue to anoint the team: pastor Nana, Evangelist Caldwell and Dr.Vaughan.

A woman came to the conference  by the name Jane Awino from Mbega village. She had been suffering from malignant tumor on the lower abdomen for the last six years and was set for an operation 10th February. She came to the conference on Saturday expecting God to heal her. She was extremely shocked that when she woke up on Tuesday 7th the tumor had completely vanished. The tumor had grown too big and putting on clothes was really an embarrassment .The neighbors are amazed!

There is also a man by the name Owino Opala who hails just opposite the catholic rehabilitation center. He had been suffering from Kidney failure for the last four months. He used to travel to Nairobi every week for dialysis. He was healed by God when Dr Vaughan laid hands on him. He talks of feeling a strong vibration from the head to the toe as he was being prayed for. He is whole, no pains and no more dialysis.

The follow up teams were also able to catch up with evangelist  Eunice Auma who had taken a handkerchief for prayers when Dr Vaughan was praying for the sick believing for the healing of her daughter. The daughter had been sick and bedridden in Migori for the last seven months. The daughter suffered multiple injuries as a result of motor bicycle accident known as border border taxis. She placed the handkerchief upon her. The daughter got healed and has since been discharged from the hospital.

There is brother called Odemo Thomas .He is 56 years old. He had been paralyzed on the right side. He came forward for prayers. Dr Vaughan prayed for him. Nothing seemed to have happened as he was being prayed for. That very night on his way home Odemo felt something like a sensation vibrating all over the body. Then felt sudden power surge on the paralyzed side!. He no longer limps, neither walk with the aid of a stick, He says he is completely whole in Jesus’ Name.

There is young girl of 15 years old called Connie Awino .She had had been epileptic for about three and half years. The power God fell  upon her and was instantly healed of epilepsy. She has never fallen down since then and when the follow up team visited their home both the mother and father were over excited and since accepted Jesus Christ has Lord and savior. They used to be members of a cult called Legio Maria. The sect believed in a black man called Melkio Ondetto as the messiah. The family has since denounced the sect and has joined a bible believing church.

There is woman by name Filgona Ochola .She has been suffering from blood issue for the last two years. She had visited every witch doctor within the county to no success. Even the best hospital within the county she had visited. She came for her healing on the last day of the crusade as the word went round of the healings were happening  at the crusade. The power of God fell upon her and was instantly healed. She confesses that because of her condition the husband divorced her and sent her away from her matrimonial home.

John Waswa testifies that he lost his hearing ability five years ago but was astonished when Dr Vaughan laid hands upon him on Sunday. He felt something like electric current cut across his body. He has regained hearing!

Pastor Joe Ombwa couldn’t read, couldn’t see . “I had been in darkness for a year, could only recognize my children with their voices” He jubilantly echoed this when the team visited him in his house”. I came to the crusade for all the four days but  left disappointed man ,did not receive my healing” The Lord graciously healed him 8 days after the crusade. He said that on the eighth day when he was sleeping he had a dream that Dr Vaughan was praying for him for his healing. When he woke up he was astonished to clearly see his wife! His healing has made sixteen people to accept Jesus as lord and Savior.

 Pastor Amos Owino has had the  issue of blood sugar for 20 years and this has caused him developed unhealing wounds and the doctor had booked him for right leg amputation on the 15th of February 2023.The doctors ran several tests and all came negative! They couldn’t believe what had happened! He says he has attended several healing meetings and revivals in the past and he has not been healed. So he had already given up on divine healing. Little did he know that the Dawn of Glory Conference was going to be his prayer answered. He wants the team to come back to Kenya before the year ends because there are so many people who he feels will be healed in Jesus mighty name.

Jared Obabha is now a happy man. His five sons and their mother had ganged up against him and chased him away from the matrimonial home. He had been staying in a rented one roomed house in Nyalenda estate for the last two years. He narrates with tears of joy how the Lord Jesus Christ made him go back to his 4 bedroom house in serene hills of Muhoroni. He narrates that on Saturday at the conference, he came forward for prayers believing God to intervene on His behalf. On 12th of February unlikely phone call came. It was from his wife! The wife apologetically cried as she convinced him to come back home and asked for forgiveness. The following morning his elder son also called asking for forgiveness. The entire family are now believers!

.Another Mama by the name Margaret Juma came to the meeting expecting God to bring back her sister that had got lost over twenty years ago. She says it has been a painful search for all those years. She came forward for prayers as pastor Nana was  praying for people. The following week she could not believe her eyes. They went to a funeral in Asembo and they happened to board the same vehicle! It was a sweet reunion! They are now reunited with the sister.

 Grace Simare is sixteen year old girl in High school. She confesses that she is alive now courtesy of God bringing the team in her school. She had conceived, two months pregnant. She felt ashamed and couldn’t face the wrath of her parents and teachers. She therefore had purposed and planned to commit suicide on the very night the team visited their school during daytime. She carried the poison in her bag. She accepted Christ when pastor Nana gave the opportunity for salvation. She confessed to the parents and teachers who have been so much kind and supportive to her. Her parents are now believers.

Gregory Otieno who is in form three also got saved during school ministry. He confesses that he had been the link between drug peddler and students. He has been the one that sneaks marijuana into the school. He confesses he has destroyed a lot of lives but God has completely changed and transformed him. He has joined Christian union club in the school. Now the teachers are at peace and disciple has tremendously improved in the school.

The Lord saved  a student called Ken Obade. Obade is in form four but has been expelled in six schools for the last 3 year. Every school he has been admitted he leads strike (riots). This spirit has made him through strike burn two schools. He has been to prison 11 times. He thanks the team for coming to their school and preaching the gospel. He has been delivered from drugs as well.

Pastor Samuel Ngar came to the conference yet wife was seriously ill. He was called that the wife was now in a comma when he was at the crusade ground. He says he had to choose either going back home or trusting God for her healing. He says he went forward in faith, then Dr Vaughan commanded the crowd to carry their hands towards his home. After crusade, he was called again and told the wife is now well and can now eat!

Autistic child that could not talk neither walk yet the mother had faith that the child was going to be healed by the power of God. The team prayed for him. As the follow up team went visited their home, they were amazed that the boy could run and play with the ball!

Silper Aketch got saved in the crusade .She confesses that she is pregnant and wanted to abort the baby because she wanted to join prostitutes in Ahero town. She came to the crusade to see the dancers not to get saved. She was finally convicted by the power of the holy ghost during alter call. She thanks God for bringing the missionaries to save her unborn baby.

 Pator Joash Nyaoke who has been having erectile dysfunction  for years. 4 women have left him in the past because of disease. Now says the Lord has made him whole. The wife is now very happy because they are now going to have children. He thanks God for this miracle and would love the team to be back.

Olga Osewe, the  female witchdoctorgot saved during the crusade. She says wanted to weigh which being (God or Satan) had ultimate power. She says people from the crusade were saying people were getting healed. She got curious because she has been having arthritis and wanted to be whole. She says she only wanted healing not salvation .The power overwhelmed her; she received both.  

These are few tangible testimonies that we were able to receive. To God be the glory. We will update you as we receive.

Pastor John

River of Life Ministry

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