Nigeria – Dec 2018

God has been so good to give me experiences with Him in many places of the world. One of the greatest experiences was in Dec. 2018 when the Lord opened the door for me to go to Nigeria and minister at Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). I had never heard of this church until early 2018. To many Americans it seems to be inadvertently a well kept secret. RCCG has churches in 197 nations. There are 800 churches in America today (3-2-19) with more being added rapidly. Their headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria on 41,000 acres of land owned by the church. Their most recent meeting facility is called the Holy Ghost Arena., It is approximately 2 miles long and 2 miles wide and seats ten million people. Yes, you read this right…ten million. When that facility is full they have an overflow facility which is approximately one mile long and one mile wide and seats 4.5 million people. When that one is full there is a third facility that seats 1.5 million. So they have the capacity of seating sixteen million people there. 

    By a series of miraculous interventions, God opened the door for me not only to be there, but also to speak twice. The most amazing occurrence was standing before ten million people that were seated as far as the eye could see (plus the millions watching worldwide) and deliver the word of God to them. Only God could know what each person needed, and speak a word into each heart. By God’s grace He had trained me to rely solely on the Holy Spirit in ministry and in life, so I stepped aside and let the Spirit of God say and do whatever he wanted. As I thought about that particular meeting it occurred to me that since the day God created Adam, there has probably never been a gathering of ten to sixteen ( I don’t know the exact number) million people in one place at one time worshipping God together in Spirit and in truth…a history making occurrence. I wish you could have been there.

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