Kenya – Summer 2018

    In the summer of 2018 I was back in Kenya with a small ministry team. Crusades were being held in an open dirt field which would turn into a muddy field when it rained. One night there was an elderly man leaning on a cane. He demonstrated how his left leg was paralyzed; therefore he could not walk without the cane. I had learned not to assume what a person wanted from God. Their greatest desire might not be what they obviously needed physically (like healing for this man’s leg). So I asked him what he wanted from the Lord. He said he wanted to be saved. How wonderful it is when someone desires spiritual life more than physical healing from God. After explaining the plan of salvation to him, I led him in a short prayer. He was gloriously saved. He suddenly changed from a somber, sad appearance, to having a big smile and a heart full of joy. He then asked for me to pray for his leg which I did. After the prayer I told him to do something he could not have done before. He put his cane aside and began kicking the previously paralyzed leg. 

I held his cane straight above my head like a flag and proceeded to lead him to the front of the arena where someone was preaching. The crowd parted as we came through. The preacher brought him onto the make-shift platform and the man told his story of salvation and healing to the audience. He began kicking both legs like a can-can dancer to demonstrate what God had done. Everyone began cheering, and many believed that God would do a miracle in their life also. We all rejoiced together at the goodness of God for salvation as well as healing.

    On that same trip I was taken to the women’s prison and given an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with them. Many of them felt hopeless in that place, separated from their families, possibly for the rest of their lives. It is glorious to see how hope shines into a heart when they realize that Jesus loves them and is able to do the impossible for them. Dark hopelessness is pushed out of their heart by the bright light of hope which Jesus brings. I was told 87 women gave their lives to Jesus at that short meeting.

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